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Kelly M. Bickle, M.D.
Newport Skin Cancer
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Drs. Rotunda and Bickle have cured thousands of skin cancer patients. If you are a patient with skin cancer, we know that it can be a frightening experience, but we hope that reading the letters from some of our patients provides you with reassurance that you are in caring, expert hands. In addition, several esteemed leaders in Dermatology have imparted their words of support for our contributions to patient care and dermatology. 

Please read the comments below to learn more about Dr. Rotunda from others, rather than us.
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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonial Letters
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Additional Patient Testimonials

"Dear Dr. Rotunda, Roxanne, Ann, Becky and Jen,
Thank you all for taking such good care your professionalism is 2nd to none! Thank you. It is so rare these days to find. People who truly care and do a great job. My nose is healing beautiful. It looks better than before I came to see you! hahaha!  Dr. Rotunda, you are a true artist and master of your craft. You take such pains to make the experience a good one again, a rare thing to find. Dr. Dangaren was spot on when she said you would take excellent care.
Thank you so very much."
- PP, Newport Beach, CA

"It's so pleasant here it kind of makes you want to lay out in the sun!"
- CB, Mission Viejo, CA

"Dear Dr. Rotunda,
I was thinking how to say thank you to someone that has been as kind as you. To reciprocate over the phone my feelings of gratitude wasn't as tangible as I would like it to be. Thank you to you and your team! Your empathy and kindness is truly moving and a relief. In a world of anger and cynicism its nice to know there are people like you out there. You have been my lighthouse; thank you again. Here are a couple of pictures of my boys. These are the two little guys I am fighting for and a reminder of whats important in life, family and friends."
- DW, Long Beach, CA

"Jack and I have had some wonderfully caring and very capable doctors over the years, Dr. Rotunda, but you are definitely in a class by yourself. To say you continue to impress us would be an understatement.  Who looks forward to having Mohs surgery?  Well, we may not look forward to it, but knowing we're in your hands gives us great confidence and peace. And, yes, we actually do look forward to walking into your beautiful office, seeing all the genuine smiles on everyone's face, and being treated like family, special coffee, warm cookies at 10 a.m. and, to top it off, even lunch for patients with a lengthy procedure.  We just felt the need to put our thoughts on paper and want to thank you for everything, especially for your availability to consult with and treat our dear friend. May our Lord bless you as you have blessed others."  
- JJC, San Clemente, CA

"After a very tedious and tiring (8 hrs) [day] with your office on April 26th I can say with certitude that you have one of the most professional, caring, and well managed offices I have ever been in (trust me I have been in many, whether medical, legal, accounting, real estate, investment management, you name it – I've been there). I really appreciated your kindness as well as professional training. Both nurses and the front office coordinator were exceptional as was everyone. I have already recommended you to others. I'm so glad I selected your office and had a chance to see a great practice."
- RA, Lake Tahoe, NV

"As I sit here trying to put my thoughts to paper, I find myself at a loss for words. My ex-wife would find this difficult to believe, as she always said that I was full of words as well as some other rather nasty things, but that  is another story. Receiving a diagnosis of cancer was something that I had never considered, and it really put me in a bad place emotionally. As I walked into your office, and was greeted by the beautiful Peter Lik photographs, I could feel my spirits starting to rise and my outlook started to improve. As I think of the wonderful skillful corrective work that Dr. Rotunda performed on me, and the fantastic caring support that I received from the entire team, I realize that you, My New Dear Friends, changed what could have been one of the darkest days of my life into a warm memory that I will carry with me for as long as I live. I really appreciate that Dr. Rotunda was always there to answer all my questions since this therapy was something that I had no experience with. It was reassuring to know that I had him in my corner. Finally, the poached salmon salad was a great lunch choice. Thank you and may God bless you all."
- BL, Medford, OR

"I am so blessed to have been referred to Dr. Rotunda for basal cell Mohs surgery on my chin. The end result was amazing given the extensiveness of the procedure. It was shocking to see my chin after three removals. No one even notices that anything ever happened to my chin – he is as fine a plastic surgeon as any. He's a "natural" and his "bedside manner" is gentle, empathetic, kind and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Adam Rotunda to anyone who not only needs Mohs surgery, but to close the wound. Thank you Ann, Julie, Matt for their kindness to me too. With much gratitude and appreciation."
- MM, Huntington Beach, CA

"My father is 82 years old, and because of his age we have seen many doctors over the course of his life. Most of them were skilled and very professional. However we never encountered a doctor with the kindness, compassion, caring and abilities of Dr. Rotunda. Your can really tell how much he cares about you just from his handshake. He does treat every patient like they are a member of his own family, and that is a blessing for any patient. If you are reading this ad you are the patient or family member, please don't worry…. Every little detail of your care and procedure will turn out great! Thank you Dr. Rotunda and your great staff. We will never forget you."
- TL, Daughter of JH, Huntington Beach, CA

"Dr. Rotunda performed 3 surgeries on me, my face, chest and hand. All healed uneventfully and virtually no scarring. Even more remarkable than his obvious surgical skills, is his caring attitude and fantastic staff. Being a dentist, I was quite naturally concerned about my hand and my ability to use it to work. My concerns were unfounded… I did not miss a single day of work!! This day and age sometimes we must choose between having a good doctor or a nice person. No compromises here – great doctor, great staff and a wonderful caring person. You are not only have cared for me skillfully – your empathy and concern truly set you and your staff apart from any other doctor I know (and I know a lot)."
- CT, DDS, Irvine CA

"Dr. Adam Rotunda is a TRUE PROFESSIONAL in all respects. I was quite nervous about having been diagnosed with a basal cell cancer on a fairly wide area on my chin that would require Mohs surgery, however before the procedure he discussed it with me and put me at ease. Following the procedure he called me the dater to see how I was doing and answered two calls I made to his cell phone within 15 minutes of my calls. During my recovery time, he also responded to several e-mails I sent him. Thank goodness I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Rotunda care for me - - wish he could be my general physician."
- AP, San Juan Capistrano, CA

“It is truly a pleasure to find a physician who not only takes great interest in his patients, but is also a skilled Mohs surgeon... This was not my first Mohs surgery. I had cancer removed a year ago by another doctor. Following the procedure, I was scheduled for just one follow-up visit, during which a nurse changed my bandage. I never saw or spoke to the doctor again. My experience with Dr. Rotunda was different. There was an immediate sense that what he is doing is very important to him... I highly recommend Dr. Rotunda to any patient looking for a skilled surgeon who takes great interest and enthusiasm in patient care.”
- JE, Newport Beach, CA

“There was quite a bit of apprehension on my part about having Mohs surgery. However, after I met you, your comforting “bedside manner” completely allayed all my fears. The procedure was painless and so was the recovery. All went well. I particularly want to thank you for your interest and concern for my well being after the surgery. I’m so impressed by your giving me info on where you can be reached personally 24/7. Wishing you continued success. I am your grateful patient.” 
- ES, Coto de Caza, CA

“On my first visit with Dr. Rotunda I was extremely impressed with him. He listened, he examined, he diagnosed. He spent time – as opposed to so many nowadays – who seem to breeze in and breeze out, leaving you wondering how much they really cared.  I was certain he did!”
- ML, Laguna Niguel, CA

“I would recommend Dr. Rotunda for removal of any malignancy where the patient has cosmetic concerns. At my age, I won't get any prettier but, with his skills, I'm just about as pretty as I was pre-op.”
- CH, Sunset Beach, CA

“Dr. Rotunda performed Mohs surgery on my face, which involved a large area and was quite deep. Everyone is amazed at how he was able to repair it and also that you can barely see it just two months later. They always ask me who did the surgery. I am so thankful and thrilled with the results, I still can’t believe it could be done.”
- MW, Laguna Woods, CA

"Even though you're a professional group, you make your patients feel as if they are family  - at least that is how you all made me feel!  I think back of you so!  From sweet Ann in the offices; to Fab Julie (the best with the needle!), to precious Roxanne (the best hugger!), and on to the astounding and sensitive Dr. Rotunda!! What better hands and hearts to have working on me?  None that I've heard of!  Thank you each once again!
- EK, Huntington Beach, CA

Professional Colleagues

“Dr. Rotunda is a very well informed, sensitive and caring physician. He is also one of the brightest doctors we know!”
- Alastair Carruthers, MA, BM, BCh, FRCPC, FRCP(Lon), Past-President ASDS, Co-pioneer of Botox Cosmetic, Clinical Professor, Department of Dermatology, University of British Columbia, Canada 
- Jean Carruthers, MD, FRCS (C), FRC (Ophthalmology) Co-pioneer of Botox Cosmetic, Clinical Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, University of British Columbia, Canada

“Dr. Rotunda has earned a national reputation as a scholarly researcher and an outstanding teacher. He has a contagious enthusiasm for adapting new techniques in dermatology.”
- William P. Coleman III, M.D., Editor-In-Chief, Dermatologic Surgery, Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

“Dr. Rotunda’s innovative research has led to some of the new, pioneering changes in our field.”
- David J. Goldberg, M.D., J.D. Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, NY, New York

In a peer review published article by Kreuger et al in the Journal for Drugs in Dermatology, called History of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, Dr. Rotunda's research on sodium deoxycholate was cited as a major milestone in the history of dermatology in the 21st Century.